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The artisan handmade candies with the right dosage of CBD (cannabidiol).                                                                                                                          
We offer different types of sugar-free candy, such as cubes, lollipops, gummybears (with sugar), not to mention the CBD candy cotton candy in different fruit flavors. CBD Candy candies are available in different types and flavors, such as fruit flavors, peppermint, classic flavors. These tasteful flavors are there to mask other flavors, so that the characteristic bitter taste of the cannabidiol (CBD) extract can hardly be tasted. This makes these CBD sweets very suitable as an alternative to CBD oil products.

Our products are made artisanally, with cannabidiol (CBD)
Our assortment of sweets are artisanally made with a lot of love for you as a user. As a result, not all candies are the same size or weight, which means that they do not all contain the same quantity of cannabidiol. The stated number of milligrams of CBD is therefore a proportion of average size candy.

Candy wise, do not eat apple?
In the past, dentists told us that eating an apple was better than snacking. The slogan 'Candy wise, eat an apple' we all know. But whether this slogan remains true today remains to be seen.
Despite this, these deliciously made sweets not only contain the healthy CBD ingredient, they are indeed prepared with sugar (gummybears). If you eat too much sugar, you have a chance of harming your health. Enjoy it but our advice is in moderation.

Sweets sensible, excess can cause palpitations or high blood pressure.
Candy contains sugar, which causes tooth decay; we advise you to brush your teeth after eating sweets.
Sugar-free sweets can contain artificial or alternative sweeteners. These can sometimes cause side effects.
Of course we also have sugar-free candies in the assortment.

Ingredients Gummybears: - CBD Full Spectrum, Glucose, Sugar, Natural flavor / coloring.

Ingredients cubes and Lollipops: - CBD Full Spectrum, Isomalt E953, Natural flavor / coloring.

THC: This product is 100% free from THC.

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